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Why selling your desktop PC to us is the smartest choice
You might be thinking about upgrading your old PC to a newer perhaps to a Mac Pro tower...
  • What's going to happen with your current desktop computer? Are you going to trade it or is it going to exist as a backup computer collecting dust in your closet? Only you know the answer!

  • We advise you to sell your desktop PC right away. Most likely you will never use it again and it will lose value over time. Once you get money for it, you can use that money towards purchasing a new machine.

So what's the best way to sell and make decent money from your used computer?
  • You can try listing it on eBay if you have an account. It will take extra time and effort to create a listing and handle the transaction. Do some research first to price your PC well on the current market. Computer prices fluctuate quickly (especially on eBay) and you want to be competitive with yours. Second, take good pictures and write a good item description to attract buyers. If you’re a well-established user with a good reputation you have a better chance to get fair amount for your old tower PC, as opposed to a new eBay user, which many buyers will avoid. Don't forget about the extra costs you will need to account, such as eBay/PayPal fees and shipping charges.

  • You don't have the time and don't want the hassle of eBay trading? There unfortunately aren't too many places interested in buying your desktop computer these days. Most recyclers concentrate on portable devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones that are easy to sell and ship.

  • Another method we'll mention is Craigslist. It is free, yet it may be tiring after a few unsuccessful transactions. Investing time to meet potential buyers may make more sense if you are selling a car or something significantly more expensive than a PC.

  • Check out or website as we purchase PCs and other electronic devices for cash. We make selling computers and gadgets quick and effortless. It's safer and easier to ship your computer to us and earn cash for it.

Things you should know before you sell your desktop computer:
  • Transfer your files to your new PC or another storage device.

  • Wipe the hard drive. Format the hard drive (don't just delete the files). You can also use software like DBAN to erase everything completely.

  • Reinstall the operating system. Newer systems can simply be restored to factory settings. If it's an older OS, you may also need to install some drivers to make it ready for a new user.

[divider] aims to become your one-stop computer recycling shop.
We offer cash for any brand of computer including Apple Mac Pro towers and Mac Mini models. In fact, we buy many types of electronic devices. If you can't find yours listed on our website just email us and we'll get back to you with a proposal. Perhaps you want to get rid of the monitor you used with the desktop you are selling us? Let us know. If it's worth it, we'll buy it. Just pack it up and we'll send you a prepaid label to ship it to us for free!
The huge increase in mobile computing negatively affects sales of stationary computers yet it doesn't mean that PCs are completely dead!
Reasons desktops have secured places in our homes and offices:
  • They are easy to repair and upgrade, unlike tablets and laptops that are sealed to the point where it’s impossible to even take out the battery. Another thing about tablets is that most components are integrated and when something fails, the whole machine is bad. Desktops, on the other hand, are still easy to upgrade memory, hard drives, processors, video cards, etc. This definitely extends their life span, as opposed to other devices.

  • They can be also used with different monitors, keyboards, speakers and other gadgets, tailored to the individual consumer. Gamers and professionals especially appreciate this feature! More sophisticated applications require use of keyboard and mouse and these can't be easily managed with a touch screen.

  • The joy and satisfaction, as well as the educational value of building your own PC is indisputable. Building a desktop PC is a great entry into the technical world for many people.

  • Different operating systems and software compatibility make desktops universal.

  • Offline capability is a huge plus. Data stored locally is available at any time.

  • Optical drives are present these days mostly in desktop computers. They are declining rapidly in new laptops that now depend on flash memory, cloud storage, and constant internet access. Internet and cloud storage also raise some security issues.

  • Value-price to performance ratio. Even though laptop manufacturers claim their gaming machines to be as good as tower PCs, the reality is that desktops can get more performance of their CPUs and GPUs thanks to better cooling and other factors. Upgrades for these elements are available on the market all the time.

  • Yes they are heavier and not portable like their smaller brothers, but how many laptops spend their lives in one spot on a desk always plugged in to the wall? They exist as desktops, despite the original mobile desire and design.

Now it's easier than ever to sell a PC, Mac Pro, or Mac Mini through our recycling program. So whatever you believe, don't think that stationary computers are going away! Having said that, we don't disregard the existence and place of laptops. Different kinds of computers fit different needs and lifestyles. With that in mind, we buy them all! Check out our home page for quotes and more reasons to sell your desktop to us.
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