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Why selling your Tablet computer to us is the smartest choice
Are you thinking about upgrading your old Tablet to a newer model or to a laptop.
  • What are you going to do with your current tablet? Are you going to sell it or is it going to exist as a backup computer in your desk?

  • It's best to sell your tablet right away. It will lose value over time and most likely you will never use it again. Once you sell your tablet, you can use that money towards purchasing a new computer. That's always win-win situation.

So what's the best way to sell your tablet and make decent money from it?
  • You can list it on eBay if you have an account. It will take extra time and effort to sell your tablet. You will need to create a listing and handle the transaction. Do some research first to price your tablet PC well on the current market. Tablet prices fluctuate quickly (especially on eBay) and you want to be competitive with yours. Second, take good pictures and write a good item description to attract buyers. If you’re a well-established user with a good reputation you have a better chance to get fair amount for your used tablet computer, as opposed to a new eBay user, which many buyers will avoid. Don't forget about the extra costs you will need to account, such as eBay/PayPal fees and shipping charges.

  • You don't have the time and don't want the hassle of selling your tablet eBay? There unfortunately aren't too many places interested in buying your tablet computer these days. Most recyclers concentrate on portable devices like laptops, and smartphones that are easy to sell and ship.

  • We also need to mention Craigslist as another place to sell your tablet. It is free, yet hard to deal with at times. Investing time to meet potential buyers may may be tiring after a few unsuccessful transactions.

  • Check out or website as we purchase tablet PCs and other electronic devices for cash. We make selling tablets and gadgets quick and effortless. It's safer and easier to ship your computer to us and earn cash for it.

Is your tablet broken? No problem. You can sell broken tablets as well. Just select condition of your tablet and check our offer instantly.
Reasons tablets are becoming more popular:
  • Tablets are the hottest segment in today’s personal computing. Although they are making their way to the world of professionals very rapidly with new creations like Apple’s iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro and other latest Pro tablets.

  • From just being toys a couple of years ago they quickly became full blown computers taking a great share in the personal computer market. Ultraportable and more powerful tablets like iPad Pro replace bigger and more sophisticated machines in hands of graphics and media professionals. Tablets are must have item in every American household and soon around the world. Not surprisingly Lenovo joined with their line up of Yoga tablets.

  • Most companies release new tablet models in various sizes and with additional functionalities to satisfy needs of greater crowd of users. Samsung is a good example with a huge selection of tablets. The base model is the Samsung Tab S2 tablet.

  • Wide spectrum of tablets are not limited to any age group with even special models made just for kids.

  • Touch screen became an universal medium to express our thoughts and emotions and transfer them further into cyber world to connect with other people by simple touch of a finger. Commanding a computer was never easier and never more fun. Lately 3D touch screens are bringing new dimension into tablet interaction.

  • With more companies producing tablets now and due to some level of market saturation major manufacturers like Apple reported sales plunging down. On the other hand new smartphones have grown substantially bigger in size making small tablets useless.

  • Yet tablets are not going to disappear. They are the new reality and way of life.

  • Now to compete with laptops new tablets are paired with ultra light detachable keyboards and kickstands making them as useful on a desk top. A whole new segment of so-called 2-in-1s and convertibles emerged to erase border between laptops and tablets.

  • It’s impossible now to make up universal image of a modern tablet without at least breaking them into groups. First is the best which can be easily pointed in direction of Pro tablets that have the finest technical parameters granting them best performance. The line of pro tablets includes but it's not limited to the famous Apple's iPad Pro, Microsoft's Surface Pro and Samsung's Galaxy Tab Pro S.

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